What to expect from the Program

My online coaching programs are only for serious, motivated people who wish to truly make a lifestyle change that lasts forever. I will take you through an extensive assessment to dig deep into why you want to make this change, define your needs, goals, and map out a road to success for you.

You will learn the correct habits, methods, and practices to be successful in your preparation, training, and nutrition. When day to day life becomes challenging you will be armed with the tools to stay on track!

There will be no more guessing!

No more running around in circles wasting, energy, money or valuable time not seeing results.
No more guesswork on how, when, and what you should be training.
No more wondering about how, when, and what you should be eating.
No more confusion on how you stay driven, motivated, and inspired to keep going.

Education and Support

You will be educated, motivated, and held accountable to make sure you are in the best position possible to be successful.
Monthly coaching is tailored to fit your personal and unique goals. The training and the nutrition are based on your initial fitness assessment, your goals, and your personal progress. I will to provide you with the tools to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals and live a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Program Requirements

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must have experience with weight / resistance training
  • No major medical or physical limitations
  • Open mind in your training and nutrition
  • Willingness to set goals and achieve them
  • Be positive
  • Be committed to the process
  • Give 100% Whatever that looks like, give it daily
  • Be serious about making a lifestyle change, you are not just in it for a quick fix!
Jon Najmabadi

Jon Najmabadi

Your Coach and Trainer

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