About Your Coach

Hello and welcome to TheMacroPlan. My name is Jon Najmabadi and I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach specializing in fat loss and body re-composition.

Admittedly a fitness junkie I have over 20 years of experience specializing in areas relating to bodybuilding, strength training, essential nutrition, and personalized meal planning focusing on the one thing most programs fail to teach… macro-nutrients!!

My true passion is working with and coaching people to achieve their ultimate fitness goals whether that’s reducing bodyfat or gaining strength and muscle. Fitness has been a blessing in my life and has allowed me the privilege to help many amazing people do just that.

Over the years I have worked with many of the top fitness centers and health club chains. One of the most important and valuable lessons I have learned is that everyone, regardless of experience, can benefit from the support of a great coach. A quality coach is an invaluable resource capable of providing knowledge, motivation and support. It was from this experience that I was motivated to develop TheMacroPlan.

About TheMacroPlan

TheMacroPlan is a wellness program designed for you based on your goals and current fitness level. With this program you will receive a personalized nutrition and resistance training plan along with ongoing support and motivation through weekly coaching sessions.

TheMacroPlan will provide you with the necessary tools to maintain the goals you have achieved and provide you with the knowledge on how to modify the program as your fitness goals continue to change and evolve.

Step one is to select the training program option best suited for your needs. Once identified, I will conduct an in-depth health and exercise evaluation to determine your readiness for a fitness program and determine your current fitness level. This information will guide me in developing your very specific and personalized program.

Accompanied by ongoing support and motivation through weekly coaching and check-ins, we will produce dramatic results together!

Learn the most effective way to lose body fat, get stronger, and gain more energy than ever before. With a personalized workout program tailored to meet your specific goals, you’ll know exactly what to do during your workouts, no more guess work.

Learn a new way of eating that will change the way you feel about food. No calorie counting, starving yourself or eating boring tasteless meals. Let me set you up on a healthy, tasty, balanced nutrition plan that gets results!

My Online Coaching Program is like having your very own personal health and fitness coach with you every day. Know exactly what to eat, when to train and what supplements to take to get in the best shape of your life!

Jon Najmabadi

Jon Najmabadi

Your Coach and Trainer

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How to Get Started

After purchasing your plan you will receive an online fitness assessment and goal setting form. Once completed I will get to work on building your personalized program.