Measuring for success: The importance of getting your macros right

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The importance of getting your macro nutrient measurements correct during meal prep cannot be overstated. Your macro nutrient ratios or “splits” set the stage for your program, whether that be maintenance, body fat reduction, or gaining mass. These numbers are crucially important when establishing a baseline or starting point for your program and maintaining any level of consistency in your daily calories. If you’re anything like me you may be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the nutritional information provided online for any given food. With so many “published articles” and “established nutritional facts” you may find online you will certainly come across more than a few that seem to be conflicting. I have a couple simple rules I follow when locating accurate macro nutrient measurements:

Research – Don’t assume the first thing you read about measurements for any given food is completely accurate. Locate 3 to 4 listings and look for consistency in the numbers from one to the next.

Resources – There are a great number of resources available online that are my go to’s, MyFitnessPal being one (widely used, generally pretty consistent)

Document – Create a food list for each of your macro nutrients, list your ratios and the correlating measurements for each. This is a great guide and makes future alterations easier.

Take your time and do the work, it may seem a bit tedious when starting out but like anything new it gets easier. Train yourself to do it right the first time and you will avoid the guaranteed frustration that comes along with not seeing progress, losing motivation and any initial momentum you had when starting your program.

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